ZigZag: Exciting Geometric Arcade Game


ZigZag is a fun arcade game that lets you control a ball on a platform that has a lot of twists and turns that you have to navigate through while collecting as many gems as possible by moving the ball left or right at the exact moment. That said, the platforms you cross are narrow, and one wrong move can make you fall off the edge of the map!

Simple But Stylish

Controls-wise, ZigZag has a straightforward layout – you can only move your ball left or right across the map. However, the ball’s physics has a slight weight to it, and the controls are a bit sensitive so you will need to be precise when traversing the map.

In terms of look, the game has a simple isometric and retro style that resembles indie games. As you begin a game and breeze through the map, at certain points the play area changes colors – one minute the platform is blue, and a couple of turns later, it becomes a shade of magenta or purple. This color change is an indicator that you are getting farther and farther into the game, and with each gem, you collect along the way, you are that close to setting another high score.

Most people note that this game design choice is a good one since it allows them to focus on the goal of collecting as many gems as they can and expertly navigating the ever-changing platforms. The only display you see is the Gem Counter on the upper right, and there is a fun sense of accomplishment whenever you manage to break your current record and go for an amazing run!

You can also change the color of the ball you are using to a more vibrant orange if you feel like the black ball is too simple. On some levels, the stage becomes black, so if your ball is black, you might have trouble navigating the sharp turns. This is why it is best to alter the ball’s color to a more vibrant one once you get the chance.

Climbing Up the Ranks

Just like classic arcade games, ZigZag records your score every time you play a game. Your score rises each time you manage to successfully navigate through the different corners of the map. Each time you reach fifty points, the map changes colors – some people use this to hone their focus since it is a visual queue that their score is getting higher.

Your best scores will be recorded in the game, and you can also check some of your stats in the main menu. Alongside this, there are also some milestones that you can defeat by continuing to play the game. Typically, the milestones include reaching a certain score during a single run, to reaching a collective score over your whole playthrough of the game. Try to beat your previous score each time you play a game to get more milestones and break your records!