Fun Water Slide Arcade Game


Did you ever feel like racing other people wherever you are riding a water slide? Do you want to always get to the pool first before everyone else who is sliding their way to it? If you said yes to these, then you should play!

Created by VOODOO games, lets you slip and slide along and wavy water slide alongside other players. But instead of having fun the conventional way you do with water slides, your mission is to race against the other players and be the first one to reach the pool at the end!

Fast-Paced Water Slide Action

You begin each race at the last place, and you will have to get past other players to reach the pool first. This can be done by nudging your opponents to bounce them off the water slide, but you will need to have garnered a considerable amount of speed to successfully knock them off.

Each water slide level has various twists and turns, so you can plan accordingly when it is the right time to nudge your opponents off course. There is also a myriad of obstacles that you will have to navigate and avoid so that you will not lose your speed. This includes walls and water spouts that will hinder your speed and potentially make you lose your placement in the race. In neck-in-neck situations, you can try to bump other players towards these map hazards so that they would lose significant speed while you leave them in the dust towards victory!

Whenever you win a match, you gain coins that you can use to purchase various items in the in-game shop. This includes changing your character’s appearance among other stuff. Moreover, you also gain high scores whenever you finish first place during heats – these are races where you and other players race around four different water slide courses. Being the overall champion in these heats allows you to unlock additional levels and races on top of getting more coins.

Tricks of the Trade

IIfyou are on the wrong side of an opponent’s bump, you can try to steer your character towards the next portion of the water slide. Pulling this off is tricky since you will need to have the correct speed to jump from one portion of the water slide to the other. But when you manage to do this, you will have covered a significant amount of ground on your way towards the pool area! You can also use the water spouts to propel yourself out of the specific portion of the map you are currently on and guide your freefalling character towards the area of the water slide that is close to the finish line. This way, you have bypassed any unwanted obstacles and hazards you will need to avoid if you chose to compete against other players conventionally.

Moreover, using this method is a lot of fun since you get to see the layout of the water slides. In subsequent games, you can use this information to line up your runs and get to the finish line first as many times as you want! This makes you unlock more maps and gain more coins!